Progenitor of the Revolution
Time for a Change

Bitcoin-sama is a noble lady born into an elite family. Following her mother’s mysterious disappearance after working with the Institute, Bitcoin-sama uncovered the lies of <covfefe>, igniting and leading the Angou Revolution.

Although sheltered in her family’s ancestral estate since birth, Bitcoin-sama distrusted authority and always sought to understand the plight of the common people. Her ideas are powerful and inspirational, but she is physically frail and sometimes too idealistic.

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Goddess of Lightning
For Eternity

Awoken by the cataclysm of the Second Great Collapse, a mysterious girl known as Ethereum-sama appeared in a remote northern village, claiming to serve an ancient thunder goddess. She has since attracted a massive dedicated following with her power to produce <kee>. Her followers have devised ways to apply her powers to various technologies.

Ethereum-sama lends immense power through rewarding her lightning crystals to the Revolution, though her many followers’ demands force her to cater to only the most loyal.

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Founder of Clockwerk Labs
Set the Pace

Solana-hakase is the genius founder and CEO of Clockwerk Labs, a pioneering tech startup that’s said to be making <kee> generation fast and accessible for the Revolution. It is rumored that she actually traveled back in time from the future, to fulfill her place in history as the tech visionary of the Revolution.

Solana-hakase is usually shy and her team has a notoriously high hiring bar. She is always seen with a robot cat named Clock, rumored to be able to log and sort everything it sees. Her young startup’s technologies are already gaining on those powered by Ethereum-sama’s lightning crystals.

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