In the remote mountain range of Inanna lies a rather unremarkable volcano, hidden to most and barred from visitors. This volcano produces <covfefe>, the most valuable commodity in our world, the only mineral discovered thus far that emits <kee>, the single source of energy that has powered the technological development of our civilization. The mining, distribution, and application of <covfefe> has since time immemorial been administered by the seemingly omniscient Freeman Institute of Advanced Technologies i.e. the Institute.

It began with some oddly long cracks on your bedroom walls, then a scorching hot winter evening, and later a flood in a desert, quickly forgotten of course. Few had spoken out or even really noticed, but our natural environment was slowly deteriorating. Even the Institute’s megaphones proclaimed that there was no systematic risk, and kept silent on the unrelated matter of <covfefe> production. Then came one fateful autumn morning, an earthquake was felt in every corner of our world, shattering just about every home. In the ensuing chaos came tsunamis, month long eclipses, and deep continent splitting chasms. This catastrophe has since been remembered as the Second Great Collapse, spoken of in almost as much awe and horror as its mythical predecessor. The climate and atmosphere were permanently changed, depriving many of them of their livelihood and their vitality.

In response to the Collapse, the Institute announced that it had no choice but to accelerate the production of <covfefe> in order to rebuild the world. Overnight, the Institute pumped thousands of crates of the mineral into the market. The gift of Inanna powered the reconstruction of the grand palaces and estates, surrounded by their vast grounds and elite guards. While the power of <covfefe> and <kee> was vast, rarely did enough of it make its way to the hands of most. Cliffs and trenches left by the Collapse remained conspicuously unrepaired for years, splitting apart communities, separating friends and family from each other. Friends became strangers, and strangers sometimes ended up as foes.

Amidst the turmoil, an intelligence official from a noble family was quietly placed under house arrest on allegations of defamation. Not long after her untimely disappearance, her only daughter emerged as a mysterious figure known to us as Bitcoin-sama. It was rumored that Bitcoin-sama had uncovered deep secrets from the Institute’s archives about the true nature of <kee>, that it wasn’t unique to <covfefe>, but a universal resource that just about anyone could cultivate and harvest from their own surroundings and learn to harness. Her followers sought to disseminate these uncovered secrets and help all those who choose to listen. They christened their movement 暗号革命, the Angou Revolution.

Since the emergence of Bitcoin-sama and her teachings, the Angou Revolution has been taking the world by storm. The voices of the revolution even reached the hallowed halls of the Institute itself. Some in the Institute considered collaborating with the revolutionaries to further advance alternative sources of <kee>. A few even tried to develop their own alternative sources to strengthen the Institute. Others declared that the revolutionaries were playing with fire and would plunge the world into an even deeper crisis.

As time went on, the landscape of the Angou Revolution has grown increasingly complex. Along with Bitcoin-sama and her original followers, an endless wave of allies, rivals, opportunists, critics, sycophants, and scholars have emerged. While the devastating effects of the Collapse still linger, the Revolution, the Institute, and various other forces are gathering their strength to reshape the world according to their respective ideals and visions. A new era full of controversy but also excitement has undoubtedly begun, and you can no longer sit on the sidelines.