What is a fanclub?

Each one of our 10 incredible shojos is leading her own exciting adventure in the sweeping Angou Revolution and is recruiting for unique talent like yourself.

Take up a role in Bitcoin-sama’s revolutionary organization! Lead her movement as the enigmatic Whale-sama!
Yield yourself to Ethereum-sama’s faith, embrace her electrifying powers! Prove your faith and strive to serve as her Chief Shaman!
Submit your research proposal to join Solana-hakase at Clockwerk Labs! She’s hiring for a Chief Innovator at Clockwerk UWU, send in your application!
Dive into Cardano-sensei’s next field research expedition! Sponsor her next big project with a research grant!
Sign that deal with Binance-chan, join her business ventures! Apply to be her Head Bookkeeper and oversee her earnings calls!
Bind your destiny with Polkadot-chan, she’s accepting humans too! Build a shrine for Polkadot-chan and host a festival!
Apply to join Polygon-chan’s lab as a disciple! If you have what it takes, the Chief Lab Architect position is open!
Fast track to get an interview to work at Circle-chan’s vault! Impress her and become her Keeper of Keys!
Join the Moons’ next club meeting! They’re looking for a club treasurer to help budget club events!
Join the Rockets’ next club event! They’re looking for a club treasurer to help budget club events!
What is a fancard?

Each shojo’s respective fancards are designed with unique elements reflecting the shojo’s backstory, personality, and the unique attributes of the blockchain that the shojo represents.

Every detail in each fancard, from the club uniform to background designs represent elements from our lore and main characters as well as the history and tech behind the web3 revolution.

The Hannya Mask
This design draws inspiration from Japanese hannya masks, traditionally used to portray vengeful female demons. As a follower of Bitcoin-sama, this fancard’s design element reflects Bitcoin-sama’s Japanese origin and her feminine revolutionary spirit.
This fanclub uniform combines both traditional Japanese elements and contemporary designs (和洋折衷: わようせっちゅう). It echoes Bitcoin-sama and is emblazoned with characters referencing cryptography, a revolutionary technology that is already changing the world.
SHA-256 sword
This sword is adorned with a tag referencing SHA-256, a cryptographic hashing technology that enables many cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Just as Bitcoin-sama’s sword symbolizes revolutionary power, this fancard’s sword references the power of cryptographic hashing.
Zero-knowledge Proof
A “zero-knowledge proof” is a system where a prover can prove to someone else whether something is true without giving away any additional information. In this analogy of two paths, there is a secret door, represented by the big X, blocking the two paths from each other. Someone who knows the secret to opening the door can prove that they know the secret by being able to circle around starting at either path, and they can demonstrate that without giving away the secret to opening the door.
Other blockchain native background elements
51% Attack
A blockchain is essentially a group of computers working together that have to agree with each other. A 51% Attack is when one party takes control of 51% of the computing power of a blockchain, so they can control the majority of “votes” to break the rules of the blockchain and prevent others from correcting them.
The Byzantine Generals Problem
The Byzantine Generals Problem is an analogy where a group of generals is attacking a fortress and they can only win if they all attack or they all retreat, so the generals vote on what move to make. Unfortunately, some of the generals are traitors that may or may not send a misleading vote to the other generals. A blockchain, like the generals, is made up of independent nodes that have to come to agreement, and the rules have to make sure that the chain works even with unreliable “bad general” nodes.
A “whale” in crypto is a person or group of people that owns a significant amount of tokens of a cryptocurrency. For instance, a bitcoin whale could have thousands of bitcoins. For many blockchains, whales dictate the market trends of the chain’s currency and may also shape the chain’s applications and ecosystem.
How is our world different?
Open Metaverse
CryptoShojo’s lore is not just fiction. While our lore’s inspiration stretches back in history to the dawn of money, new stories and characters will naturally emerge from the ongoing web3 revolution.
Immersive Education
We don’t teach through lectures or courses. Our community members will learn the ins and outs of web3 naturally and immersively through our storytelling and characters, and from the friends they make.
From Metaverse to IRL
Everyone is welcome to participate and shape the evolving lore. Members who grow and learn along the way can take their learnings and creations back into the real world to take on adventures in the ongoing web3 revolution irl.